Itís a myth that the Major Religions are basically the same
-Robert Fawcett, Author
The Major Religions of the World ....Revisited
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Where Is God?

Is God "Out There" or Inside Me?

Central to our view of God, and a major difference between religions, is whether we see God as an entity that is out there, perhaps in heaven, or within us and all living things.Where is God?  Sistine Chapel - god, man and religion

Many religions personalize God as being in a location like heaven, and he looks down and makes judgments and rules about all that he sees. We worship and pray to this God, and if we live a good life, he returns the favor by granting us salvation and a place in heaven. That may be why God is referred to as "The Father" in some religions. This God is much like a human but with divine tendencies.

Religions that see God as anthropomorphic (in man's image), and is transcendent "in heaven" include...

Others see God in other ways. Where is God?  all pervading God

Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism, see more of an "all-pervading" God. They see Him as the essence of all things... something that is pure energy and is immanent (within), and pervades our lives and life force. Of course, this view is hard to understand for the average Westerner.

So, if God is all-pervading how do you please Him? Do you even have to seek God's favor? Is the question moot? Is God simply "unconditional love?"

The answer to these questions for an "immanent" God is not clear. That's part of the attraction of this universal God. Perhaps the checks and balances and retribution are built into the system. You 'reap what you sow' on some deep, mystical level.

A Combination of Two Views

What if God was at the same time, transcendent and immanent? Both "out there" and "in here" and really everywhere, everything and all powerful?

Again, this is hard for many to understand, but it does offer a viewpoint that, for the more spiritually gifted, makes sense. It resolves many of the religious positions of an anthropomorphic God that some find unacceptable dogma.  The idea of a judgmental God, that is subject to our own limitations, does not work for some.

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Where is God?

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We are created to worship God, and if we don't worship God, ....we will worship something else.

Understanding this truth, and knowing that we are all so needy, has really helped Alex and me in our ministry to people.

                         Emily Large

From the SPECIAL REPOPT,The Case For The Existence Of God, Without A Bible Or Any Holy Book.

Major Religions Of The World... Revisited