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The Da Vinci Code versus the Bible
or reading what Dan Brown says versus what God says

One semester at the beginning of his class for a a New Testament Bible course, a professor took a bit of a survey of his students, and asked them the following question: “How many of you,” he asked, “would agree with the proposition that the Bible is the inspired word of God?”  Vroom, the entire room raised its hand!

“All right, how many of you in here have read the The Da Vinci Code?”  Vroom, the entire room raises its hand!

“All right, how many of you in here have read the entire Bible from cover to cover?”  The response was scattered hands throughout the room.

“So,” he said, “I don’t quite understand this.  I’m not telling you that I think God wrote the Bible, you’re telling me that you think God wrote the Bible.  I can see why you might want to read a book by Dan Brown, but if God wrote a book, wouldn’t you want to see what he had to say?”

He made the further point that this situation isn’t limited to his class of college undergraduates.

P.S. See Special Report:The Creation of the Bible, The Holy Scriputres

For a “reader” of the Bible versus a “student” of the Bible, the best that I have seen is the NLT (New Living Translation), Application Study Bible.  Purchase at any book store, or go to website:’1414300794′

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One Response to “The Da Vinci Code versus the Bible
or reading what Dan Brown says versus what God says”

  1. Leon Humphreys says:

    What is your take on THE BIBLE CODE as with equidistant numbers as run by hand by the old sages and today by computor programs? The Israel government is into this code solidly.

    The Jews are rather silent about the name YESHUA being decoded over and over in Genesis.

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