Itís a myth that the Major Religions are basically the same
-Robert Fawcett, Author
The Major Religions of the World ....Revisited
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Religion: Hearing with Different Ears

This was received from a friend of mine.  Upon purchasing my book, I ask for his thoughts and any comments that he cared to share.


Hi Robert, I finally got around to reading your very interesting book on Major Religions of the World.

Your book requires more thought in reading, and I compliment you on the research you undertook in writing the book.  The review of the five major religions of the world was good; I have a better understanding of the relationships of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

I found the chapter on Secular Gods interesting.  While my religious faith stems from early Protestant teachings [I was baptized (sprinkled) at a Methodist church], my concept of God is more encompassing as including all religions and all people.  To me, God is as infinite as the universe and as small as sub-atomic particles.  More importantly, I believe that God resides in all of us and that we each have a deep seated kernel of strength which can be called upon in times of special need through meditation and prayer to the God within us.

I have never participated in organized religion and the rituals practiced in churches of organized religions.  Unfortunately, I have never studied the Bible in detail as others have.  However, I believe the Ten Commandments are a good foundation for any religion.  I do believe in spiritual existence and in the eternal life of the soul.  I do not think that this requires the practice of church rituals.

Best wishes for you and your family for the Holidays!



Dear Harold –

You have been a friend of mine for a few decades, same fraternity, and therefore, we know each other well.  You being a Medical Doctor, Anesthetist,  certainly supports your intellect, so I certainly appreciate your thoughts as they were a refreshing take on my book, and your spiritual walk.   But Harold, to be quite honest, your comments kinda caught me flat-footed; meaning, the thinking behind your religious faith, your beliefs.

I guess to begin would be your comment “Unfortunately, I have never studied the Bible ….”  I guess that means that it would be fortunate, and you would have some foundation for your beliefs, if you did study the Bible.  Why don’t you read it? Good grief, the entire New Testament, without any notes at the bottom, is only about 250 pages of the entire Bible!   You can knock that out in two or three days, easy.

But first, re-read my Special Report:The Case For The Existence Of God.

Then read, at least, the New Testament Bible simply because you were raised Christian.  Read the other religions later.  You need to re-think why you’re even here on Earth, other than taking-up space.  In my book, I make the point that there is a difference between “our obligation on planet Earth” versus “our role, our purpose” – and the role of each religion is pointed-out, also.

Billy Graham tells an amusing story.   After he became a Christian, he attended his church, which he had been attending for the better part of forever, with his Mother and Father.  After the service, he made the comment that the Pastor had really improved – this was a very good sermon.  His Mother said, “No, he’s the same.  You are just hearing with different ears.”

It is taught in the Jewish faith that the Holy Scriptures are meant to be read aloud in order for the heart to hear.  Try it.  So, Harold, I would like to suggest that you need to read with different eyes, and perhaps, you will listen with different ears so that your heart will hear.

Merry Christmas to you, and your family!  And, old friend, let’s not forget why Christmas is celebrated.


P.S. As I pointed-out in my book, you need to read the NLT (New Living Translation), Life Application Study Bible.   To purchase, either go to any bookstore or go to Bibles At Cost website:, and click onto the “Bibles and Books” tab.

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