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Judaism: Religious Allegiance versus Belief and Faith

Study begets Belief which begets Faith

I received this from a friend of mine.  This was concerning a piece regarding an explanation of some archaeology and scientific findings about the Red Sea crossing, the Jewish people being led out of Egypt by Moses. This was my response …..
First, a couple of notes. My experience is that most people (not all, but most) studying biblical history and theology tend to lose sight as to the purpose of the Bible.  That is, by far, the # 1 problem.  In addition, most do not keep the Scriptures in context; that is to say, the immediate setting in which something is said/written/occurs, how it fits with surrounding verses and chapters, how it relates to the purpose and structure of the book in which it is written, and finally, how it fits with the whole counsel of God’s Word.

—-Original Message —-
To:Robert Fawcett
Sent: Tuesday 7:09 AM
Subject: Red Sea Crossing
I thought you might find my brother’s comments of interest. He is studying Jewish Theology.
—- Original Message —-
To: Harry
Sent: Tuesday 6:30AM
Subject: Red Sea Crossing
The slide show on the Red Sea Crossing is very interesting. However, it’s important to understand that actually the weight of contemporary scholarly opinion is that Genesis and Exodus do not have much historical support, and there was probably no single major exodus from Egypt.  It is true that Egypt held sway over the land we call Israel now, and they enslaved Israelites, and brought them to Egypt. They was probably several mini-exoduses from Egypt back to Israel, or alternatively, throwing off Egypt’s hegemony over Israel. Despite the photos — interesting — there is nothing in the Egyptian records supporting the exodus — and one would suppose that such a mass exodus would be reflected somewhere in those records.

More important, communities of faith — including our own — do not necessarily rely on the historicity of the narratives that are at the center of faith — but rather they function as compelling stories — that woven together create symbols which command belief and adherence. To place one’s faith on the presence or absence of an historical record is to make one’s faith community subject to refutation based on history. Real history in the Bible starts with Kings — there we have independent historical confirmation of history. Most of what comes before — myth. But it shouldn’t dissuade you from Jewish allegiance.


—- Original Message —-
To: Harry
Sent: Wednesday 6:00 PM
Subject: Red Sea Crossing
Dear Harry –
Two quick comments:

First, while I disagree with your brother’s general view of the historical record, the real point is that the vast majority of students studying Jewish history/theology get tangled-up in the shortcomings of history. The real story is that of Abram, or Abraham, and therefore, what God was trying to do.

Second, there is a quote in my book by D. L. Moody that says it all: “The Bible was not given to increase our knowledge, but to change lives.”

Why don’t you send him a copy of my book, and have him review the book. Either you or he can order off of the website:

You just need to remind him that this is a book written by a lay person for lay people — it is offering some common sense to a very simple subject that most folks tend to complicate.

My best to you,


P.S. Your Jewish allegiance, by the way, has to give way to Jewish belief, and therefore, faith in the Jewish religion (there’s a definition of “faith” on the website — bottom of page on “Is There A God — Overview“. Go to this link:

It isn’t about allegiance — it’s about study and belief and faith.


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5 Responses to “Judaism: Religious Allegiance versus Belief and Faith, Study begets Belief which begets Faith”

  1. religions Carolyn Cage says:

    I’m not sure it is appropriate to speak of “faith in the Jewish Religion” but perhaps better to say faith in God as God is understood in the Jewish Religion. But maybe that is too complicated and circuitous to get to what you are trying to say. To have to accept the Jewish religion, that would mean that you have to have faith that you are one of God’s own and exclusive chosen people, I guess. –Carolyn

  2. religions Danielle says:

    Faith …a relationship with Him …is the key, always; however, since you are “debating” a bit (and I think that is good), the gentleman was incorrect about no evidence of the exodus. In fact, here are two interesting websites re the evidence of the exodus.

  3. religions John says:

    Good morning Robert,
    This statement is absolutely correct, and said better than I have before. I have used it before in Christian study, but not thought out-of-the box as to the others, reference Judaism–
    I am going to copy and tape in the back of my bible for a future recall statement to others?

  4. religions William says:

    Robert, I agree.
    Too often scripture is used out of context to suit a particular purpose, and in so doing can be used as a means to an end, or point, that is not in accord with God’s word, or His intended purpose.
    So, as the Bible instructs, we are not to either add to or take from the Word. We should always remember that the Bible is the story of God’s redemptive plan for us, the Jews, and all nations.
    All parts of it relate to this plan in some way if taken in the context of God’s Plan.

  5. religions johnny says:

    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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